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"Happy Pappy"
An Authentic Cowboy and Entertainer

Dennis, who is referred to as Happy Pappy, is
a longtime cowboy. He has been
acting, entertaining and singing as long as
he has been on a horse. He has traveled from
Alaska to Arizona while performing in
movies, singing, and keeping himself involved
in western activities of all sorts. He is
also a muleskinner who trains, teaches and drives teams
of mules in cattle drives, wagon trains, movies,
and downtown wagon rides in Billings, Montana.
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Pappy's Page
Happy Pappy has been in numerous movies including
The Ballad of Little Jo, Far and Away,
River Runs Through It, Legacy,
Sweetwater Rescue, and Footsteps. He is currently
involved with the NILE Rodeo in the Magic City.
His many talents allow him to be diverse
in performance, singing, yodeling,
auctioneering and acting. He has
recently finished a CD focusing on
spiritual campfire cowboy songs
including "God Must Be a Cowboy at Heart"
and has another two country CD's entering the
final stages. One of which is entitled,
"Whoopah Ride" which will be included in the
Billings summer 2007 event.

Happy Pappy, who also has been an Outfitter in Montana
and Wyoming, has developed a reputation as
a Step-on-Guide for his authenticity of
the wild wild west. His many years of experience
and lifestyle keeps him active in the cowboy western
environment working with horses, mule teams, and
wagon train activities.

Happy Pappy, the name which he's inherited, has co-organized
a summer 2007 group tour which is called the Whoopah Ride.
He expressed interest in the need for good wholesome
family adventure in the western United States. On

Dennis is as authentic as they come. Growing up,
in Wyoming, he has enjoyed many outdoor
activities with his father who was a cowboy
as well. He now has seven grownup children of
which some perform with him on certain occasions
and runs his own western company.
He currently resides in Huntley, Montana
with his most supportive wife Norma of 39 years.

Norma handles a lot of the other issues with
the company including reservations, dates,
follow-up, customer service, finances, and,
of course, food while teaching high school English
three hours away at Glendive Public Schools.
If you would like to contact her, please email her
at norma@westernromancecompany.com.

If you would like to request Happy Pappy for acting,
performing,(yodeling, country music with guitar,
auctioneer, and concerts) or would like to just
contact him, please email him at

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